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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

ADEL 2021 responses

Remote Educational Projects


A screenshot of a video meeting featuring 8 video feeds with individuals wearing cloth masks


Undergraduate researcher/educators have been exploring how they might facilitate creative work and teaching that attends to issues of equity and access. How can we meet the needs of underrepresented communities and peoples – those with disabilities, PIBOC students and others – at OCAD in general and in our work and pedagogical practices?

Pictured above, masked with students and faculty, undergraduate researcher Angie Ma is in role as facilitator of Angie’s Open Studio (AOS). AOS was an online bi-monthly synchronous activity offered in the Faculty of Art online course, Materials and the Anthropocene in spring, summer and fall 2020. Issues of engagement, access, community building and compassion informed this event for undergraduate students. Angie speaks about her experiences in AOS in the final Speaker Series talk Pandemic Online Learning: A Pedagogy of Vulnerability.

The remote educational project resources presented here speak to Art & Design Education students’ research/education/outreach work in consultation with Susan Fohr, Educational Curator at the Textile Museum of Canada (TMC). Susan asked for ideas on how student educators might activate the TMC collection for different communities using remote learning tools. As a museum, TMS is very committed to working with underserved communities and through outreach. Each student facilitated strategies, as proposals to Susan at the TMC, to connect a “home” community in meaningful and active ways to the content and exhibitions at the Textile Museum.

A presentation and workshop Equity & Access in Art and Design Education: How can our (Remote) Learning Experiences be more Accessible and Inclusive provided students with further content and understandings. This workshop, moderated by Pam Patterson, included Cathy Cappon, Office of Diversity Equity and Sustainability Initiatives (ODESI), OCADU; Chelsea Good, Student Accessibility Services (SAS), OCADU; and Mallory Diazcun, MFA, BEd, OTC teacher and artist who develops art projects with developmentally delayed students with many exceptionalities.


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