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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Agnes Wong REP

Agnes Wong

COVID project activity sheet

Letters to No One is an ongoing virtual project that seeks to establish an online community of empathy and understanding, as well as bringing awareness towards living with mental health issues  amidst  the  COVID-19  pandemic.  Participants  are  invited  to  anonymously  share  some  of their  own  personal  feelings,  fears,  or  thoughts  they  are  struggling  with  in  this  difficult  time  of global paranoia by writing them down onto a physical paper surface in the format of a “letter to no one”. Each of these will then be uploaded as an image onto the project’s Instagram account to create a virtual library of letters, hopefully allowing each one to feel understood. Not only is the physical act of writing a cathartic experience in itself, but those uncomfortable with sharing their thoughts are also welcome to comment and discuss with others on the contents of this account. As long as the content remains anonymous, it will be accepted. In regards to accessibility, other forms of “letters” including computer processed, or audio recordings are also very welcomed. This project comes from a rather personal place of struggling with my own mood disorders during  the  pandemic.  Quarantine,  albeit  necessary,  has  further  isolated  us  and  these  times  of despair  has  only  heightened  the  symptoms  we  experience.  Through  this  asynchronous  and entirely virtual project, I truly hope to create more discussions around this topic and to provide a safe outlet for those seeking to express their worries. Furthermore, the messages collected through this project may function as a record of the pandemic, as well as a more detailed understanding of how it affects our mental health.

Do not worry, you are definitely not the only one is one of the core messages of this project.