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Mikael Sandbloom

Collage of overlapping images including a brick wall, a blue circle, topographic map markings and lines of warped space-time over water

Title: Twister Story

Artist: Mikael Sandbloom

Format: Digital composite Image, Dimensions variable

Year: 2020



Twister Story’ is based on a nightmare I had a few months into the pandemic. I’m with my family looking out over the lake. Dark storm clouds have moved in. Under the heaviest clouds a couple of twisters are reaching down. They hit the water and pull up massive waterspouts. I suddenly realize they’re headed our way. We turn to run, but all the buildings are inaccessible. Doors and windows are bricked up. Everywhere we turn there are only blind alleys and dead ends: blank, impenetrable brick walls everywhere, and the terrible roar behind us.