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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Niki Padbury

Photograph of the back of a persons head, their hair in a bun and a scarf over their back. There are blue circles in the sky with the text: Women and Covid: wifi dropped again. work deadlines. Grandma is sick. Hasn't seen her sister in a year. Can't help. Bills are due. Homeschooling two kids. Do you know what she's juggling?

Title: Do You Know What She’s Juggling?

Artist: Niki Padbury



This poster is a reflection of the impact that COVID-19 has had on women as a population. History has shown us time and again that women are often the ones left to carry the emotional burden when hardships fall upon our society collectively. The bubbles in the image represent the precarity of the situation: this woman is in a juggling act that she must perform to keep life afloat for her family and herself. Because she is expected to perform this act instinctively, her own needs often go unnoticed and she’s left feeling isolated and exhausted. My poster, “Do You Know What She’s Juggling?” draws our attention to the subtle and not-so-subtle realities of Woman during the pandemic, reminding us of the expectations that are placed on Her in times of adversity.