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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Alex Milne

A collage of black and white photographs of diverse groups of female presenting people in bras and underwear posing in various ways, with text #weareallthesame


Artist: Alex Milne



A theme that has resonated with me during COVID-19 is body positivity and equality among women. Being in quarantine for an entire year, there is no doubt that all our bodies have substantially changed. They may have gotten bigger, or perhaps smaller, they may have changed due to unforeseen circumstances or through the daily stresses of pandemic life. What cannot be denied however, is that womens bodies continue to be heavily scrutinized and devalued even in 2021. Whether our bodies are large or small, differently abled, or anything in between, we need to remember—especially during these difficult times—we all have value no matter our appearance or how we cope. The goal here is to keep motivating women to love themselves, even when they don’t want to. The plan is simple, to spread body positivity and awareness, recognizing that all bodies change over time. They conform to our surroundings and change under stress due to events often outside of our control. The goal for this poster is to make women feel confident in their own skin and to be okay with themselves and how they’re changing. What is really important to remember is that even though we are all struggling in different ways, we are all simply trying to persist.