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COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies

Deserae Lyons REP

Deserae Lyons 

Screenshots of instagram posts and profile of muskoka_w_support account

I first began with creating the “Muskoka Youth Women Support” and posted a reference to the obligations and goals of the account. Following the creation of the page, I sought out friends, Muskoka resource sites, and female Muskoka youth and invited them to participate in creating a collage that empowers them as women and share their stories with others to support each other during the isolating and uncertain times. I referred to the Textile Museum of Canada website for resources and inspiration for individual resources and creative initiatives. A current artist on display and through their educational “learning” portal Anna Torma has a PDF document about her use of creativity to foster a process of assessing domestic and feminist notions that would aid in the creation of an individual's “empowering collage activity”. The goal was to receive an individual's work, upload it to the criteria of the site, and include details of the work, an optional background, and if interested “tag” the individual for communal discussion to foster further correspondence. I began receiving individuals’ artworks, memories, or inspiration, and connected fellow group members in discussion or personal exchange. The goal to create a platform for young women to support and foster new relationships with other women has become a success. The initiative continues to grow, and I receive more artworks throughout the day, through site “insight” and group discussion I am hoping this initiative will continue to progress and aid fellow youth in developing relationships in a safe and effective remote manner. I aim to continue this initiative to promote a further creative educational resource platform for the youth women of Muskoka to engage with local and global activities and continue to grow beyond the resources we once lacked.