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WRHA Virtual Library: Conditions of Resource Use

Licensing Statement for WRHA Resources

WRHA Virtual Library resources are licensed by the University of Manitoba on behalf of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and are for educational, research, and non-commercial use by the following WRHA Employee Groups:

  1. WRHA nursing staff, technicians, and professional staff
  2. WRHA contracted physicians
  3. Staff at Type 1 Community Funded Agencies & Personal Care Homes

Access to resources is governed by contractual license agreements with resource providers; users are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the licenses. For more information on license terms please contact

For resources without specific license terms and conditions, a limited Fair Dealing amount of copying or reproducing of material from the resources is usually permitted for education, private study and research, among other purposes. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that he or she does not systematically download or retain substantial portions of information. Users should read carefully any copyright or terms of use statements appearing within the resource and act in accordance with instructions. Where no statement restricting copying is evident, users should assume that, as a minimum requirement, they are obliged to comply with Canadian copyright laws.

For information about copyright at the University of Manitoba, see the Copyright Office website.

Generally Allowed Generally Not Allowed
Printing, downloading, or saving a single copy of a citation, abstract, or article for personal, non-commercial use. Excessive or systematic printing or downloading (e.g. whole journal issues, whole books)
Using licensed material for research, instruction, private study  Commercial use, selling or distributing licensed material
Posting persistent links to licensed materials Distribution or sharing material with persons who are not entitled to WRHAVL access

Remote use for those who are not entitled to WRHAVL access

  Remove or alter authors’ names, publisher copyright notices or alter, abridge, adapt or modify the materials.
  Mounting or distributing any part of the licensed product online