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WRHA Virtual Library: Order Sources

The WRHAVL provides information resources and services to eligible staff of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Checking Library Access

While searching databases, you can check if the WRHA Virtual Library has access to an item by verifying that the link displayed while you are signed in says "WRHA", as shown in this screenshot:

screenshot showing one resource without the WRHA notation (not permitted) and one with (permitted)

If it does not, you may need to fill out a request to borrow the item from another institution. Please use the form on the right.

For help accessing items:

Phone: 204-789-3836



Order Sources

If you can't get access to a resource, request it using this form:

User Request Form

You will need to log in to your WRHAVL account. Electronic delivery of any resources borrowed from another institution may take 2-5 working days, books will take longer. You can also use this form to request items available from the University of Manitoba Libraries, including the previous hospital library collections.

If you need help requesting items, check out our screencast or get in touch with us. You can also view your pending requests by logging in and clicking the "Open Requests" option.