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WRHA Virtual Library: Get Access

How Do I Access the WRHA Virtual Library?

In order to use the WRHA Virtual Library you need to sign in. Signing in provides access to WRHA-specific resources.

Your login information and password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive an email, contact the staff via email:

You can change the password on your account, and add an office address and phone number. This page has instructions on changing your password and address.

If you think you should have access to the WRHA Virtual Library and don't, please locate your user group in the next box to determine what to do.

Who Has Access?

The following WRHA employee groups have access to the WRHA Virtual Library:

  • WRHA Nursing Staff, WRHA Technicians, & WRHA Professional Staff
  • WRHA-Contracted Physicians
  • Staff at Type 1 Community Health Agencies & Personal Care Homes (CHAs & PCHs)
    •  If you are on staff at one of the eligible PCHs or CHAs, please request an account via the PCH/CHA Employee form to the right.
    • If your CHA/PCH is not on the eligible list but you feel you should have access, contact Kevin Mozdzen ( for CHAs or Hana Forbes ( for PCHs.

Click here to sign in

After signing in, click on "New Search" at the top of the page to search all of the WRHA Virtual Library's collections. To get access to full text, click on the source title and then a link labeled WRHA. To return to the library homepage, click the logo in the top left corner of the screen.

Visit our Services page to request a literature search or order a source.