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WRHA Virtual Library: Get an Account

How do I get a library account?

The WRHA determines which staff are eligible for access to the WRHA Virtual Library based on licensing agreements. Many WRHA and HSC nurses, physicians, and professional staff have accounts created for them automatically and sent to them by email. This login will allow you to sign in and access WRHA Virtual Library subscription resources. If you did not receive this email you can always contact the WRHA Virtual Library for assistance.

Unfortunately at this time Shared Health employees (other than HSC) do not have access to the Virtual Library. For more information contact

What if I didn't automatically receive an account?

  • If you are in the category of WRHA or HSC nursing staff, technicians, and professional staff, contact Francine Harder via email and let her know why you need to perform or access research as part of your role.
  • If you are in the category of WRHA-Contracted Physicians, contact
  • If you are a staff member at a community health agency (CHA) or personal care home (PCH), check if your facility is on the eligibility list.