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WRHA Virtual Library: Read by QxMD

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How to Set Up Your Institutional Access

1. Download Read by QxMD by following this link or search for it in the app store.
A web version is also available at

2. Add "Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Virtual Library"  to your “Account Settings” under “Institutional Access”.

Already have Read by QxMD?
Add your institution to your “Account Settings” under “Institutional Access” to gain continuous access to your institution’s subscriptions.

Inaccessible Articles

There's an article I want, but I can't access the full text through Read!

The WRHA Virtual Library will order in any sources that you do not have direct access to, and will send them directly to you.  There is no charge to you for this service.  To order a source, please fill out our User Request Form with the relevant details.

Learn more about ordering sources here:

What is Read by QxMD?

Read by QxMD is a personalized medical & scientific journal that allows clinicians to keep up with the latest new research that impacts their practice in minutes per day. Read is integrated with full text holdings at thousands of institutions around the globe, including Harvard, Yale and the Massachusetts General Hospital. Read is available for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets & smartphone, and the web.

Read Institutional Edition is a subscription-based feature, that provides the essential tools to universities and hospitals to get the latest medical research through Read and to help their community get the most out of the Read by QxMD app.

More About Read by QxMD

How to Set up QxMD

A brief guide for how to set up Read with your institutional access

How to Use Read by QxMD

A short slideshow that shows the basics of how to use Read by QxMD

How to Share Papers

A short guide on how to share papers with colleagues in the Read by QxMD platform.  

Reference Guide

A reference guide with detailed information about how to use Read by QxMD, including pro tips and regular pitfalls